Occeus: Answer Ellsee.

-- existereOracle [EO] began trolling macabreExude [ME] --

EO: OccΣus¡¡
EO: Ugh, this is horriblΣ. PlΣasΣ answΣr, I rΣally nΣΣd to spΣak with you¡¡
EO: I promisΣ I wouldn't havΣ bothΣrΣd you again so soon if it wasn't sΣrious¡¡
EO: This is dΣfinitΣly an ΣmΣrgΣncy¡¡ I think.
EO: No, not think. It is for surΣ¡¡¡¡
EO: ΣvΣrything is just awful right now...
EO: I'm kind of frΣaking out and I don't likΣ what's happΣning at all¡¡¡¡
EO: It would bΣ rΣΣΣΣΣΣΣΣΣΣΣΣally hΣlpful if you could just answΣr mΣ.
EO: OccΣus¡¡
EO: PlΣasΣ. =:(
EO: Rrrgh. Sorry, I didn't mΣan that. I'm just rΣally strΣssΣd out right now. =:'(
EO: WhΣrΣ arΣ you...
EO: ...
EO: What arΣ you doing that's taking so goddamn LONG¿¿
EO: It's bΣΣn HOURS sincΣ wΣ talkΣd.
EO: I know you said you'd bΣ busy for a whilΣ, but do you ΣvΣr takΣ ANY brΣaks¿¿
EO: At all¿¿¿¿
EO: GΣt oooooovΣr hΣΣΣΣΣrΣ¡¡¡¡
EO: I'm probably going to diΣ of shΣΣr panic and distrΣss bΣforΣ you answΣr mΣ, at this ratΣ¡¡
EO: MaybΣ I should just go wallow in thΣ mud.
EO: BΣt thΣ cold wΣt sludgΣ would soothΣ my nΣrvΣs. =:\
EO: UGH¡¡¡¡
ME: What? What is g.o.ing .o.n?
ME: Yes
ME: Here eye am
ME: Why were y.o.u yelling and begging s.o. frantically
ME: Did eye miss s.o.mething
ME: Eye d.o.n't think eye was g.o.ne that l.o.ng all things c.o.nsidered
EO: I guΣss you wΣrΣn't... it's just scary whΣn I rΣally nΣΣd to gΣt in touch with you and havΣ litΣrally no idΣa whΣn you might rΣspond¡¡ =:(
EO: Last timΣ it took you sΣvΣral days to gΣt back to mΣ.
EO: But you'rΣ hΣrΣ now, so that's a rΣliΣf.
EO: ArΣ you listΣning¿¿ I havΣ a LOT to tΣll you.
EO: And you can't say you havΣ to lΣavΣ¡¡ You'vΣ GOT to stay and listΣn¡¡¡¡
ME: Please calm d.o.wn my dear
ME: Eye am incredibly s.o.rry f.o.r the wait and eye am listening
ME: Eye didn't kn.o.w anything .o.f imp.o.rtance was happening t.o.night
ME: .o.r that anything was happening peri.o.d t.o. be c.o.mpletely h.o.nest
ME: Are things happening
EO: Things arΣ vΣry much happΣning, yΣs.
EO: Okay, so. AftΣr I was donΣ talking to you ΣarliΣr, I dΣcidΣd to try and visit ArcjΣc again.
EO: Didn't Σxactly work out. LikΣ usual.
EO: I was hΣading back to my tΣnt, but on thΣ way thΣrΣ I saw a HUGΣ mΣtΣor strΣak through thΣ sky, right toward his hivΣ¡¡
EO: So I panickΣd and ran back to try and hΣlp him... But whΣn I madΣ it all thΣ way thΣrΣ, thΣ placΣ was a complΣtΣ wrΣck¡¡
EO: And it didn't ΣvΣn look likΣ thΣ mΣtΣor had actually struck, which was rΣally wΣird¿¿ It was a diffΣrΣnt kind of damagΣ, but ArcjΣc wasn't around anywhΣrΣ.
EO: I pokΣd through his computΣr to sΣΣ if I could figurΣ somΣthing out, and lo and bΣhold, I found this big mΣmo Murrit apparΣntly sΣnt to ΣvΣryonΣ BUT mΣ¡¡ HΣ was all... nonsΣnsΣ rambling about this gamΣ wΣ'rΣ all supposΣd to bΣ playing or somΣthing, and thΣ mΣtΣors sΣΣm to bΣ rΣlatΣd to that.
EO: So that wasn't fun.
EO: I lookΣd around for ArcjΣc a bit morΣ aftΣr that, just in casΣ. ThΣn I hΣadΣd back homΣ and figurΣd I nΣΣdΣd to tΣll you ΣvΣrything, sincΣ you probably wouldn't havΣ sΣΣn thΣ mΣmo ΣithΣr.
EO: BΣcausΣ you don't look at things.
EO: And this is kind of a big dΣal¡¡
EO: I'm still prΣtty shakΣn up. =:(
ME: Yes eye can see this mem.o. right here
ME: It all s.o.unds incredibly hectic and nerve wrecking
ME: Eye d.o. w.o.rry f.o.r V.oo.rat
ME: But must eye really read this n.o.nsense ab.o.ut a game
ME: It seems rather trite in c.o.mparis.o.n t.o. everything else
ME: Besides we have n.o.t sustained a legitimate gr.o.up activity in .o.ver tw.o. sweeps n.o.w
ME: F.o.r g.oo.d reas.o.n if y.o.u ask me
ME: If the rest .o.f .o.ur friends wish t.o. play it then that is their business
ME: Eye .o.n the .o.ther hand am n.o.t interested
ME: Eye am n.o.t a
ME: What's the term
ME: Gamer?
EO: It's not about bΣing a gamΣr¡¡
EO: YΣah surΣ, I don't likΣ thΣ sound of it mysΣlf.
EO: But it doΣsn't sΣΣm likΣ this is an opt-in kind of thing¡¡
EO: So, PLΣASΣ rΣad thΣ mΣmo and gΣt back to mΣ whΣn you'rΣ donΣ¡¡
EO: Also, it might bΣ good to notΣ that you'rΣ going to bΣ working with CaldΣr...¿¿
EO: I'm sorry about that. =:(
EO: I don't think you havΣ a choicΣ in thΣ mattΣr.
ME: What?
ME: That is
ME: N.o.