Occeus: Seek clarification.

-- macabreExude [ME] began trolling grandioseSaturation [GS] --

ME: What d.o. y.o.u kn.o.w ab.o.ut this damned game
ME: What d.o. y.o.u have t.o. d.o. with it
GS: That is awfully accusatory and quite a bit brusque.
GS: Don't forget your manners, Coliad. Especially if you are going to throw baseless accusations at me over a matter you clearly know nothing about.
GS: I've no more or less to do with it than you, nor do I possess any extra morsels of knowledge.
GS: The game is also undeniably real, by the by, since I imagine you are already in a fit over the mere idea.
ME: H.o.w can it p.o.ssibly be real
ME: This is pure ficti.o.n
ME: A child's wildest fantasies running unchecked
ME: Wh.o. w.o.uld be able t.o. facilitate such a ludicr.o.us endeav.o.r
ME: Techn.o.l.o.gy like that d.o.es n.o.t exist
ME: N.o.t in sheer pr.o.cessing p.o.wer, c.o.de .o.r material mechanics
ME: Even th.o.se state .o.f the art reality warping games are n.o.thing but figments .o.f imaginati.o.n that we take part in
ME: Eye d.o. n.o.t believe it
ME: Eye CANN.o.T believe it
GS: Gorgeous sentiment, truly. I am moved.
GS: On any other night, I would fully agree with it.
GS: Unfortunately, I have already seen enough evidence of this "ludicrous endeavor" to know it is undeniably in motion.
GS: Loathe as I am to admit, I am powerless in this situation.
GS: And so are you.
GS: You are going to have to face this truth, just the same as I have. Unless you wish to meet an early end and cause the death of several others.
GS: There is nothing you can do about it.
GS: You may continue to deny this new reality for a while longer, but when the time comes for you to take action, you will find yourself running short on excuses to cower behind.
GS: And you'd do well to step up to this challenge, for all our sakes.
GS: Now, if you'll excuse me, I've a game of my own to attend to.
GS: We will speak again later, when it is necessary.
GS: I'm sure you are looking forward to it.

-- grandioseSaturation [GS] stopped trolling macabreExude [ME] --