To be APATHETIC toward one's friends, romantic interests and life itself is considered an abnormal and worrying condition.

Sympathetic trolls are inclined to find this a brooding, adolescent period, wherein the individual in question is not ready for any attachments; a transient state of growth. Others are far less accepting, thinking of it as the symptom of a BROKEN person.

These "broken" people are, in most cases, left to think the same as the detractors. They are left with a hollow space in their chests, where their souls sink ad infinitum. An insistent sense of nothingness that permeates every facet of their lives, every dull hour of every waking day. A thick grey fog that covers their thoughts, sticking to their minds and refusing to let go, like an opaque filter that warps their perception of what is and what isn't.

They are left to feel like none of their choices have any meaning whatsoever.