Laivan: Touch base with King Murrit Dynogadget.

WA: You make it back alright-?
WA: I'm assuming that's what your current game plan is-
WA: Because it sure isn't our game that you're planning- Or playing-
WA: I've got it- by the way-
WA: The actual game, I mean- on my first laptop-
WA: Guess it's a little more fair- why you left me absolutely hanging this time-
WA: It's okay though- I was kind of dealing with-
WA: Some shit-
WA: Man- I still don't even know how to describe- what just happened with Taz-
WA: No idea what goes through her head-
WA: Not back then- Not now-
WA: Probably not ever-
UK: >([could it potentially b t#at t#e spectacle waz 2 #ot 2 #andle]
WA: Oh woah- Hi-
WA: Wasn't expecting an answer this soon-
WA: Also-
WA: Haha- No way-
WA: I've seen her totally wipe out at laser tag- more times than I can count-
WA: There's sort of no coming back from that-
WA: I dunno- I just wish she wasn't so-
WA: Brash all the time- you know-
WA: Pushes everyone away-
UK: >([yeayeayea sure i gotc#a i feel ya]
UK: >([neewayz ive already spicked and spanned myself all over n evryt#ing]
UK: >([#eres some deep dark trade secrets 4 u glue#ound]
UK: >([always easier goin back t#an going fort# cuz i never play t#e same cube 2 times in a row]
UK: >([more like im puttin on my remembrance t#inks t#an my plays u feel me]
WA: I still have no idea- how you made it back so fast-
UK: >([did a lotta backflips]
UK: >([pure grade trap tango routine]
WA: Nice-
WA: But question-
UK: >([well i said i wasnt takin t#ose anymore so]
WA: Come on- Please-
WA: It's not a dumb one- I'm allowed-
UK: >([kay big accepted]
WA: Thanks-
WA: Why did you leave Ellsee's memo-?
WA: It was kind of important-
UK: >([no need to b t#ere tb# imo]
WA: Okay- but-
WA: I just wanted to say- that she's my friend too-
WA: I've known her for a long while-
WA: And she got mad when you left-
WA: More than when the others left- Which I think is justified-
WA: I'm not a big fan of how everybody treated her- to be honest-
WA: She doesn't deserve it-
WA: The whole thing felt really awkward-
UK: >([look man]
UK: >([ur just gonna gotta get to trusting me on t#is one is all i gotsta say on it]
UK: >([not#in weird bout it]
WA: Besides it absolutely being weird and shitty- no matter how you look at it-?
UK: >([u s#it t#e fuck away w/ t#at t#ere]
UK: >([youll know w#en you kno]
UK: >([an u s#ould know t#at better t#an anyone else]
UK: >([bc circumstances]
WA: I guess-
UK: >([now cmon]
UK: >([tell me]
UK: >([ya reddy to play]
WA: Yeah-
WA: It just popped up-
WA: That's why I messaged you-
WA: To see if you were back- And ready-
WA: Because-
WA: I'm ready-
UK: >([not feelin it]
UK: >([said r you ready]
WA: I'm ready-
UK: >([fuckin r e a d d y?]
WA: I'm ready-