Your whole life has been financially secured from birth, not only as a SEA DWELLER but also as the sole integrant of the highest subshade of violet blood remaining on the planet: MAGENTA. This color is your ANCESTOR'S LEGACY — an unwanted inheritance that brands you as a social pariah. His power-hungry actions nearly caused the extinction of your subspecies, along with the decimation of the ENTIRE FUCHSIABLOOD CASTE.

And now, you are all here, living under a CORPORATE ANARCHO-CAPITALIST SOCIETY.

Alienation, compliance and word-of-mouth morality are the broken legs Repiton tries to stand on. In your humble opinion, the planet is already dead.

You have made it your personal mission to undo the damage he has wrought. You will become a POWERFUL LEADER yourself, and send society into a new age of prosperity with duly instated legislation. A proper system of checks and balances: that is your dream.

Toward this end, you have leveraged your endangerment in order to publish SLANDEROUS PERIODICALS that speak on topical issues, harshly criticizing those who disagree with your views. Some may regard you as overly SELF-IMPORTANT, but that exact attitude has given you a LEGION of admirers among the scoffing crowd; rational thinkers that agree with your ideas and see the facts for what they are.

In your free time, you like to participate in a number of HIGH CLASS SPORTING EVENTS, and your SWING happens to be as strong as your DRIVE. It is sad that physical sport has fallen out of favor with the public due to the rise of virtual entertainment. You feel these distractions have overstayed their welcome in this day and age.

You also have the occasional urge to prepare EXQUISITE CUISINE, specifically meals that pair well with your expansive collection of WINES. You haven't found one yet. And to be frank, you really can't cook at all, but there has to be something that works with that horrid drink.

Your trolltag is grandioseSaturation and You renounce the use of a quirk, much like you renounce nautical lingo in its entirety.

You don't need to wonder what you are going to do. You are a man of certainties.