Calder: Take a moment to admire your publication.

You decide to peruse the latest and likely final run of SIDELINE MAGAZINE, a project you started as a way to highlight the TWELVE STAR MEN you come across. The covers showcase these POWERFUL INDIVIDUALS who work to make a MEANINGFUL DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD — always joined by SCANTILY DRESSED WOMEN. The shock value of its implication helps with drawing new readers in.

But the true reason you created this magazine was to start a conversation: about the planet, this wasteland of failure and misery. About the masses needing a real TWELVE STAR MAN (such as yourself) to wipe the political landscape clean of rot and grow it into the previously mentioned system of checks and balances.

You don't have the time nor the energy to manage the printing yourself anymore. Luckily, there's no need for you to be hands on, because you have people for that now — people who know your vision and are happy to see it through.