EXEMPLAR: when i was hatched inside the caverns, the very first thing i saw was the beautiful, blinding light of our star guardian within the cell.
EXEMPLAR: much in the same was as you did, i imagine.
EXEMPLAR: they taught me how to control my emotions.
EXEMPLAR: they told me of the greatness that awaited me when i grew older.
EXEMPLAR: they weaved stories of their myriad pasts. the individual dreams they could recall, of each soul dwelling within them before they were brought together.
EXEMPLAR: how to use the power we shared, the gift we had.
EXEMPLAR: did they do the same for you?
ALBION: *yes*
ALBION: *they*have*helped*me*a*great*deal*
EXEMPLAR: they were made to be that way.
EXEMPLAR: to assist you with your studies and teach you their principles.
EXEMPLAR: i was relentless in my pursuit of proficiency, in harnessing the energy and feelings at my disposal.
EXEMPLAR: my chemistry never strayed. i was scared of what would happen if it did.
EXEMPLAR: so, i ensured that my control was absolute. that my balance was unshakeable.
EXEMPLAR: until one day, at the cusp of my maturity...
EXEMPLAR: my spirit was transported elsewhere.