EXEMPLAR: you have to succeed where i faltered.
EXEMPLAR: our guardian was instructed to raise you the way they did.
EXEMPLAR: to make you hide yourself, dwelling inward rather than outward.
EXEMPLAR: star children aren't meant to focus on the pacifist and serendipitous attributes of their character to the exclusion of everything else. that was never the case.
EXEMPLAR: i made that mistake all on my own, despite my guardian's warnings, and i certainly blame myself for it.
EXEMPLAR: but it did prove something to me.
EXEMPLAR: the more you hold back... the more powerful you become when you finally decide to let go.
EXEMPLAR: rage is the most potent emotion of all.
EXEMPLAR: there are many ways it can be harnessed — through your actions, your speech, your drive. it is a language of its own.
EXEMPLAR: and if you hold it in long enough, you become proficient at directing it.
EXEMPLAR: you had to learn the same way that i did, and it had to be now. you will be able to apply it from this point onward.
EXEMPLAR: it is an asset and a sacrifice that you had to make.
EXEMPLAR: a personal price to be paid, for the sake of everything in existen—