ALBION: *what*is*going*to*happen*to*me*
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******you will return to your world and do important work with those closest to you*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******the power bestowed upon you shall not fade unless you choose to make it so*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******use it from this point forward*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******set no limitations*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******embrace that which defines you and embrace it wholly*****-
ALBION: *but*what*of*your*fate*?
ALBION: *i*am*
ALBION: *really*going*to*miss*you*
ALBION: *even*after*all*of*this*
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******there is nothing left for us*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******we are not of great importance to this tale*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******the star children are no longer of any consequence*****-
ALBION: *did*you*have*any*to*begin*with*?
ALBION: ...*was*there*meaning*to*it*at*all*?
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******you are your own meaning, our child*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******this place does not define you*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******you are no longer trapped*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******and neither are we*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******so we will leave in her wake*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******to join the eternal collective within the essence of the all mother*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******it would make us*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******very happy*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******to finally rest*****-
ALBION: *but*
ALBION: *i*still*feel*like*i*need*help*
ALBION: *i*do*not*know*what*to*do*with*myself*
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******there are people around who feel similarly*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******those who you have taken pride in assisting*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******surely they would do the same for you*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******though your world may be upturned*****-
GUARDIANSPIRIT: ******and your fate changed*****-