** demiurgeQuantified [DQ] began trolling sanguineAllegory [SA] **

DQ: *i*am*so*sorry*
DQ: *i*meant*to*say*something*sooner*
DQ: *are*you*there*?
SA: (i've been here this whole time)
SA: (glued to my seat, just)
SA: (reading and waiting)
SA: (did you do it?)
SA: (are you okay?)
DQ: *no*
SA: (no...?)
DQ: *its*a*
DQ: *very*long*story*
DQ: *i*believe*that*the*best*way*to*put*it*is*
DQ: *i*do*not*want*the*position*anymore*
SA: (wasn't it very important to you, though? ´o^o`)
SA: (it was all you would talk about sometimes)
DQ: *i*know*
DQ: *and*i*am*sorry*about*that*
SA: (you don't need to apologize to me)
DQ: *yes*i*do*
DQ: *i*left*you*without*a*word*
DQ: *i*was*scared*about*
DQ: *how*you*would*feel*
DQ: *i*just*chose*not*to*show*it*
DQ: *i*was*wrong*
DQ: *that*was*no*way*to*treat*you*
SA: (maybe not)
SA: (and perhaps i should be a bit more upset about it, but...)
SA: (i just can't bring myself to do that)
SA: (you have taught me so many things. you've helped me get to where i am now)
SA: (and you have always been so patient, it's only fair i be the same for you)
SA: (that said, i hope you know that you can tell me anything)
SA: (i'm an open book! metaphorically speaking)
SA: (i don't know if i'm using that right, actually...)
SA: (but my point is)
SA: (i love you)
SA: (very much)