Enter name.

Your name is SERPAZ HELILO.

You fancy yourself an AMATEUR ARCHITECT, harboring a strong interest in WOODWORKING and CARPENTRY. Your hive is riddled with the tools of your trade and the many, many projects you're working on. Projects that, more often than not, you end up growing tired of along the way. You can't help it! You have SO MANY IDEAS, ALL THE TIME, CONSTANTLY. Your ambition tends to reach past the limit of what's possible, but that's just the way you like it. Creativity has no ceiling in your mind.

While on the job, you have a nasty habit of ACCIDENTALLY HURTING YOURSELF over and over, without fail. Most would consider that a problem, but these little oopsies of fate tend to make your life BETTER rather than worse. After all, you are a person who believes in the potential MISTAKES have to turn into MIRACLES — a philosophy your matesprit doesn't buy into nearly as much. He's wrong though, the dummy! There's always a special spark hidden in every situation, just waiting to make things work out in the end.

You are also an ASPIRING JOKESTER who holds a great deal of respect for the COMEDY MASTERS OF THE PAST: folks who spearheaded the charge in making late night laughs a thing of beauty. You even built yourself a little practice stage so you could work on your routine! But really, you're not interested in being GOOD at it. You know you won't make it into the big league chucklebunker anytime soon; your proficiency lies with the pedestrian vertent of PUNS and DUMB PERSONAL ANECDOTES. Still, you keep trying. Being among the very cream of the crop may not be an achievable goal, but hanging out with the middle masses sure beats sulking at the bottom of the barrel!

Hm, what else... Oh! When you were younger, you used to get a reeeeal kick out of trying to unlock the secrets of the most mysterious, sinister instrument of all: the ACCORDION. Just thinking of its haunting notes sends a shiver down your spine.

You still have your old one, which you acquired through some rather ODD MEANS (always check if your sources are reputable and non-stalky before you get things from strangers, kids). You're honestly a bit afraid to touch it, even though your awesome and noble lusus, LEFTY, loves the tunes. She is great and you never ever want to leave her.

Your trolltag is pliableDecadence and you speak with a pretty funny inflection!!!

What will you do?