Sova: Examine historically inaccurate poster.

This is probably the most popular piece of musical theatre in the world. It tells the story of a group of trolls who were cast aside during THE RENAISSANCE, rising up against the so-called "utopian" society that hurt them. Their leader was a man once UNKNOWN who took great strides to be FORGIVEN, and it ends with his death at the hands of those who struck him down in the first place — a sacrifice that resulted in equality for all of the members of your species, no matter their blood color.

It is nowhere near what the real events must've been, but considering the lack of enduring information from the time period, you can excuse the inaccuracies. Plus, even if historical, it is fiction.

Fiction breeds happy endings. Fiction gives hope to those who dare dream of a brighter future.

You've dreamed a dream in times gone by, and you still do... as much as you can.