Sova: Read table scroll.

Your dear matesprit has once again done you the favor of translating an entry in your ANCIENT SCROLL COLLECTION to CURRENT TEXT. You haven't been able to focus on reading it just yet, due to all the recent tumultuous events and whatnot.

These scrolls belonged to one of the few known archivists from THE RENAISSANCE, the memories of a woman who later came to be known as THE ANNALIST. Brimming with lyrical talent, she was forcibly taken from her life and made to record the exploits of several notable highbloods of the era. Trapped in this servitude for most of her sweeps, she was later prompted to escape her lot by a handful of important historical figures who she found kinship with.

You came across her writings when you were young, taking them from...

Actually, you'd rather not think about it. You can sympathize, that's all.