Sova: Read table scroll.

As usual, your dear matesprit has done you the favor of translating another entry in your ANCIENT SCROLL COLLECTION to CURRENT TEXT. You haven't been able to focus on reading it just yet, with all the recent tumultuous events and whatnot.

These scrolls belonged to one of the few known archivists from THE RENAISSANCE. She studiously recorded the plights and struggles she faced during her life as a fugitive, in the company of some of the most important figures of the time. You took them from their original owner after you—

No, you don't want to think about that.

Anyway. These are the tales and memories of a woman who later came to be known as THE ANNALIST. In her earlier life, she was held under forced labor and tossed around from owner to owner, exploited for her unique abilities, and...

Well, you can sympathize with her.

This is just a neat thing that you have, really.