Sova: Check Skorpe.

You turn your BIBLIOPHONIC back on. It's a fantastic little tool that you use to get your hands on the latest book releases! Even if you feel like there are way too many shops to look into... It can be a little confusing sometimes. You wish online shopping was less overwhelming.

Your SKORPE THEME is "SHOW-GOER SCOOPS". It is your personal "shouts out" to an experience you're not sure will survive the modern age of media mediocrity. You've also kept a couple of your friends' MEMOS around in the memo tab, just in case you need to check any of the information regarding this GAME you're supposed to be playing.

Some Skorpe themes let you keep the memos on your friend list, but that is (very expectedly) not a common feature. Because Skorpe is a bad program. You don't even like using it! Alas, it's where everyone else is. O woe.

Speaking of, it was Serpaz who messaged you! You... kind of hoped it was someone else if you're being entirely honest, but this is just fine too! More than fine, even. You would never complain about getting to talk to your dear friend.