Taz: Admire championship prizes.

This belt is among the first of many you've taken home with you, in the two sweep time period since your PROFESSIONAL BOUTS began. You have to begrudgingly acknowledge your status as a crowd pleaser — most of your belts, outside of those won for various KEY MATCHES and SCRAMBLE ROYALES, are awards for high performance and outstanding technique.

As the current FORTRAISER, you were expected to take your victim's borderline unrecognizable remains back to your hive for display purposes. You don't know the first fucking thing about TAXIDERMY, though, so you decided to reconstruct and solidify his corpse with CONCRETE instead.

You do have a FRIEND who's reasonably knowledgeable on the subject, but... you're not exactly a fan of ASKING FOR HELP on the best of days.

You'd like to think you managed to do a pretty good job regardless.