SERPAZ: methinks your definition of helping is a little bit askew!!
SERPAZ: if i had a proper review site to rate your services on i would give you negative twelve stars!!!
SERPAZ: then nobody in their right mind would get you to help them ever again!!!!
SERPAZ: you would be bankrupt and shunned from the helper business forever!!!!!
SERPAZ: what do you even mean by mutually beneficial???
EDOLON: i meant exactly what i said.
EDOLON: pretty straightforward, no?
SERPAZ: youre not """benefiting""" me in any way!!!
SERPAZ: youre giving me a raw deal!!!! maybe the rawest deal of the centennalia!!!!
SERPAZ: and i dont know what you want from me either!!!
SERPAZ: this exchange has no set parameters!!!
SERPAZ: and also you suck!!!!!!!!
EDOLON: alright. allow me to lay it on the line for you, then.
EDOLON: you have something that i want.
EDOLON: and i am offering you and your group of friends something that you need.
SERPAZ: a tacky set of robes and a barely disguised sense of inadequacy???
EDOLON: that was almost funny, miss helilo. practice makes perfect.
SERPAZ: (|>:o
EDOLON: but no, assimilating you isn't our end goal here.
EDOLON: you have very important places to be, don't you?
SERPAZ: how do you know??
EDOLON: why, it has been etched into this world from the very start.
EDOLON: most are unable to see it, but it is a simple fact that some trolls are more... significant than others.
EDOLON: and you just so happen to be one of the lucky few.
EDOLON: through your actions and His influence, we will be a society reborn.
EDOLON: free from the aforementioned pain that life brings, celebrating through laughter and pleasure until the bittersweet end.
EDOLON: but in order to make that a reality, we require your cooperation.
SERPAZ: weeeeeell tough shit edoloser
SERPAZ: you may not have picked up on it so just in case it wasnt clear as twin-sunned day already
SERPAZ: i continue to be nowhere near the realm of giving a solitary fuck about anything you have to say
EDOLON: i figured you and the others may feel that way, but we are quite adept at preparing for possible future scenarios.
EDOLON: it took us a while to get everything under control, i admit, but i believe that what i'm about to show you will speak for itself.
EDOLON: really, you should be thanking us. not a single one of you seems to have entered without some sort of issue so far.
EDOLON: and now you'll have something to make your transition to the medium even smoother.
EDOLON: you're welcome, by the way.
EDOLON: so, without further ado...