PD: From my understanding, you seek to salvage this planet. To save its inhabitants.
PD: Very ambitious of you, but befitting of your upbringing.
PD: I also want to free this world of its burdens... in my own way.
PD: That's why I'm going through all of this trouble for you.
DQ: *there*is*no*saving*it*
DQ: *yours*is*a*fools*errand*
DQ: *should*you*not*know*the*same*if*you*are*so*well*informed*?
PD: I'm well aware of what I should believe in.
PD: Are you?
PD: Tell me what has shaken your faith.

DQ: *i*saw*it*with*my*own*eyes*
DQ: *i*watched*it*all*happen*in*front*of*me*
DQ: *all*the*destruction*and*pain*and*misery*
PD: Hm.
PD: Perhaps you simply don't realize what it is that you've seen, then.

PD: Because if you did, you would know that you were right before.
PD: You would not fall for such a clear ploy, orchestrated by an incompetent meddler to keep your head from the game.
PD: Speaking of...
PD: It's showtime.