Chimeraparent: Speak.

ARI: Are you not listening to what is happening outside.
ARI: You can't slack off on your duties. There are guidelines you must follow.
ARI: We have been over this.

AYALA: we were worried sick!!
NACHASH: We should not have let them talk us into letting them leave earlier.......
NACHASH: They are further distressed.........

ARI: As they should be, considering what is happening.
ELLSEE: ThΣ first timΣ you ΣvΣr spΣak on your day of rΣmΣmbrancΣ and you'rΣ chastising mΣ¿¿¿¿
AYALA: well, we wouldnt have had to if you had come outside!!
ELLSEE: Why would I havΣ gonΣ outsidΣ¿¿ I'm studying¡¡
ARI: We were signaling a threat.
ELLSEE: You can handlΣ yoursΣlvΣs just finΣ.
ARI: This is very unlike you, Ellsee.
ELLSEE: Ugh. You guys havΣ no idΣa what I'vΣ just bΣΣn through, okay¿¿
NACHASH: Very doubtful.................
NACHASH: You didn't tell us..................
NACHASH: But we can tell when you're upset..................

ELLSEE: YΣah, surΣ.
ELLSEE: Nothing good ΣvΣr happΣns whΣn you'rΣ on watch, you know.
ELLSEE: It's why I try to spΣll guard, so nobody sΣΣs thΣ tΣnt and you can go about your businΣss in pΣacΣ.
ELLSEE: Grooming, slΣΣping, howΣvΣr you guys usΣ thΣ bathroom, ΣtcΣtΣra.
ELLSEE: It hidΣs mΣ from any potΣntial onlookΣrs and you can dΣal with thrΣats howΣvΣr you likΣ.
ELLSEE: And I'm trying rΣally hard to cancΣl out thΣ sounds of carnagΣ, bΣcausΣ it's nΣvΣr plΣasant and you'rΣ scaring ArcjΣc's lusus too¡¡¡¡
ELLSEE: HΣ's bΣΣn shaking so hard that I'm prΣtty surΣ hΣ's about to crack thΣ sound barriΣr.
ARI: The little lusus should be grateful we allowed him inside. He should be doing his job, as we are doing ours.
ARI: You should have left him at the estate.

AYALA: seems like a little limey girl is cranky today!!
ELLSEE: Look. I'vΣ had a rΣally, rΣally, ΣxtrΣmΣly shitty night, and it doΣsn't sΣΣm likΣ it's going to lΣt up anytimΣ soon.
AYALA: but you were doing just fine earlier!!
AYALA: what made you so grumpy??

ELLSEE: I'm JUST trying to do somΣ studying¡¡¡¡ ThΣ kind you guys always tΣll mΣ to do morΣ of¿¿¿¿
ELLSEE: ΣxcΣpt during this night, obviously.
ELLSEE: Which I guΣss isn't ΣvΣn a thing anymorΣ¿¿
ARI: We only speak with your best interests at heart.
ARI: You know of the consequences otherwise.

ELLSEE: Σxactly, I KNOW alrΣady.
ELLSEE: Now, plΣasΣ ΣxcusΣ mΣ¿¿ I havΣ to do somΣthing for my friΣnds.
AYALA: your friends??
NACHASH: Oh no..............
NACHASH: You should definitely not have gone..............

AYALA: dont be like that, she cant help what happened!!
ARI: Hold. If what she said is to be taken into account, it might actually explain this.
ARI: Come and see.