EO: YΣah¿¿¿¿ WΣll, I want a lot of things.
EO: Most of which I can't ΣvΣn bΣgin to Σxplain to you¡¡ PrΣtty surΣ I could nΣvΣr gΣt this kind of yΣarning through your thick skull and stiff lowΣr lip.
EO: Congratulations on bΣing so blΣssΣd, by thΣ way¡¡¡¡ You SURΣ havΣ drawn a lucky lot in lifΣ, Mr. KΣrian.
EO: But you'rΣ not blΣssΣd Σnough for mΣ to want any sΣcond-hand consΣcrations you havΣ to offΣr.
EO: If anything, I'm losing prΣcious timΣ just for ΣntΣrtaining thΣ notion that I'd ΣvΣr hΣlp you in thΣ first placΣ¡¡
GS: Do you want an apology?
GS: Does that rank somewhere in your long list of desires?
EO: No.
EO: I know you wouldn't mΣan it.
GS: What makes you so sure?
GS: This isn't the past, it's the present.
EO: It's bΣΣn an hour and a half.
GS: My point still stands.
GS: Talking this over is in your best interest. In return, I can offer what you want most.
GS: And I don't need you to tell me what that is. I can plainly see what's at the top of your list.