HANIEL: Your situation is not one of particular distinction
HANIEL: Those previously in your position have had a similar set of expectations placed upon them
HANIEL: The dichotomy of Space and Time is perhaps the most prevalent of any session
HANIEL: And as such, those who are bound to inherit these roles require certain circumstances in order to best provide for their fellow Aspect Holders
HANIEL: Advantages that allow them to usher in the beginning and serve them until the end
HANIEL: Between both aspects, we are the expanse of all
HANIEL: Facilitators and saviors
HANIEL: Martyrs and forgers
HANIEL: It is no surprise that you are the one chosen for a task of such great magnitude
LAIVAN: I'm guessing all thirteen of you can talk-
HANIEL: Communication is the only way to breed success
HANIEL: We are a family above all else
LAIVAN: Do you guys huddle up to discuss the game plan-
LAIVAN: That's sort of frowned upon these days- I think-
LAIVAN: We're more of a "do whatever feels right" kind of culture- when it comes to athletic pursuits-
HANIEL: The twelve of us are beings aligned with those who hold a quintessential purity of soul
HANIEL: Influential figures in your world, and all others before it, hidden from view
HANIEL: Our goal is to find communion with these enduring souls, and together unleash the full extent of our capabilities
HANIEL: A conduit and a power
HANIEL: I'm of the impression that you know your designation quite well already, Knight
LAIVAN: Hold on-
LAIVAN: Who are the guys with the drippy eyes-
LAIVAN: What are they about-
LAIVAN: I'm getting the vibe that if they're related to you- that would make me more-
LAIVAN: One fourth of a whole-
LAIVAN: And three of those fourths are just kind of- staring at me-
LAIVAN: Is Mutt a part of the equation too-
LAIVAN: Because I'd like him to be-
HANIEL: He is not, I am sorry to say
HANIEL: Outside influences such as guardians and pets are not customary to the setup
LAIVAN: Don't like that-
HANIEL: Let us take a step back
HANIEL: I would like you to recount your story once again, before we move further along in this introspection
HANIEL: While the events themselves do not surprise me, the way in which you described them do