Jentha: Admire Furby collection.

That's not even half of what you've managed to get your hands on.

You could say a lot about FURBIES and what they mean to you. Perhaps that you can relate to their story: brought into this world only to be ridiculed, the original animatronics' building resentment lead to the subsequent murder of the very trolls who made them. An entire creative division of Corporate went under as a result of the following backlash.

It could also be that it's very easy to find these poor creatures thrown out and torn apart, due to the heated protests that followed. Corporate tried to sell the toys with the promise that they had been "reined in", but the public did not take that well. Many bought them out only to destroy them, without even trying to understand why the incident happened in the first place. So, you make the attempt when no one else will.

Or it could just be that you think they're cute as heck and get a kick out of making them say stuff like "give me my grubby juice".

Yeah, that's probably it.