Jentha: Examine residual sopor bags.

These are some leftovers your MOIRAIL bought for you, still fresh and factory packed.

You wouldn't have much of anything if it weren't for him. After you were cut off from Corporate support, you only had a few scant scraps left to your name. At some point, you resigned yourself to the fact that you weren't going to make it.

But then, THEY found you and HE refused to cut you down. He said that you had to be helped, that you were worth something.

You suppose the two of you started off on kind of a weird foot, more acquaintances by force and circumstance than anything else. And figuring out where you stood wasn't fun, since you are NOT INTERESTED AT ALL in the whole quadrants and bonding thing. The latter especially, it just... freaks you out. No thanks!

But you found solace in each other, and you knew you had something special. Something you couldn't give up. So, after many long conversations about feelings, you figured yourselves out and it just stuck.

It's so good to have that one person who really understands you. You don't know what you'd do without him.