Jentha: Answer this darn guy.

-- macabreExude [ME] began trolling furbishFacilitated [FF] --

ME: Eye've t.o. seek y.o.ur advice
ME: Albi.o.n is in the middle .o.f her entry
ME: And miss amalie is incapacitated at the m.o.ment
ME: She did n.o.t have the r.oo.m t.o. squeeze me in her schedule
ME: We are meant t.o. play t.o.gether, but truthfully y.o.u are .o.f the few wh.o. eye believe can aid me at the m.o.ment
ME: S.o. eye felt n.o.w might be the best time t.o. talk
FF: i d dont care
FF: g go jump off a c cliff or something i instead
ME: Eye feel like eye already have
ME: Like eye am in free fall plummeting further and further d.o.wn t.o.ward the gr.o.und
ME: But it never hits me
FF: m m maybe its n n not supposed to h hit
FF: you might j just have to fall and scream f f forever
FF: like thats y your sacred d duty
FF: t to just scream and fall and n never die
FF: c congrats you cracked your own c code g genius
ME: That n.o.t feel right
FF: yeah w well get in l l line n neither does t t this w whole conversation
ME: Y.o.u kn.o.w what
ME: Y.o.u are c.o.mpletely right
ME: It is selfish .o.f me t.o. c.o.mplain ab.o.ut a situati.o.n that eye put myself in
ME: Eye can see that n.o.w
ME: Thank y.o.u
FF: i didnt even d do anything
FF: i just w want to watch my s stuff
ME: H.o.ld that th.o.ught
ME: Eye've a new transmissi.o.n c.o.ming in
ME: .o.h n.o.