HAMIFI: Your results have been steadily dwindling over the past few blinks.∞
HAMIFI: Corporate only took you under its wing because you produced unprecedented results.∞
HAMIFI: And without further results, all we are left with is a fairytale scenario hiding under the pretense of progress.∞
HAMIFI: Progress which you refuse to divulge the specifics of.∞
HAMIFI: Progress we are meant to believe in, blindly, because we've seen it work a grand total of one time with your little friend over there. ∞
HAMIFI: Once, Occeus. That is no longer enough.∞
OCCEUS: Eye can't give y.o.u anything until eye s.o.lidify a pr.o.per f.o.rmula f.o.r mass pr.o.ducti.o.n
OCCEUS: The test subjects are still resp.o.nding t.o. the treatment
OCCEUS: They have been c.o.ming back
HAMIFI: As mindless beasts?∞
HAMIFI: So you are then forced to kill them, despite the fact that you're working toward immortality? ∞
HAMIFI: Is this what your research amounts to?∞
OCCEUS: Eye am .o.n the verge .o.f a breakthr.o.ugh
OCCEUS: Eye have been d.o.ing n.o.thing but w.o.rk with little t.o. n.o. d.o.wntime since the last grant
HAMIFI: And yet, here we are.∞
OCCEUS: Eye can't c.o.ntr.o.l every single unexpected setback
OCCEUS: What d.o. y.o.u pe.o.ple want fr.o.m me
OCCEUS: What d.o. eye have t.o. d.o. t.o. please y.o.u and sh.o.w that eye am trying my best
HAMIFI: That's no way to speak to your benefactors.∞
HAMIFI: You should know, we don't keep this planet functioning on an endless supply of faith and goodwill.∞
HAMIFI: Faith does not feed our worker-consumers.∞
HAMIFI: Goodwill does not purify our aquifers.∞
HAMIFI: And a single weak link breaks the entire chain.∞
HAMIFI: We need results, Coliad.∞
HAMIFI: So, you either show them to us, or you leave our payroll and go chase your myths by yourself.∞