One by one, the adorable little critters pile up a hoard of various CURRENCIES and RESOURCES that swiftly disappear into your INVENTORY.

Dinero is sorted by COLOR VALUE. You receive 18 GILDED SHARDS and 12 RUSTIC SHARDS, with no PEWTER SHARDS or IVORY SHARDS to be seen. This amounts to 1,218 BITS of spendable coinage, which is not too shabby for a first major task.

Your consorts also pile on a respectable amount of F GRADE resources at your feet: SALT, FLINT, CONGLOMERATE, ANDESITE, CHALK, ALABASTER, and LIMESTONE. Bunched up in the mix, you note some colorful pieces like AGATE, ZIRCON, and a few normal rocks that they painted for you. You also snag yourself some D GRADE SAND, which... seems like a step backwards, somehow.

You'll take it regardless. The fear of making everyone sad again is too strong.

Their gifts given, the snakes all slither off, back to their happy little lives in the village. Well, except for a couple of them who seem rather eager to talk.