Albion: Open Spirograph Modus.

Your modus is currently rigged to an eleven card system on a ten point graph.

The ASTRAL PROJECTOR holds a spot in the middle, which will always be a WHITE card. It is also surrounded by five currently inaccessible BLACK cards and five accessible GREEN cards.

The center card can be accessed at any time, and have something new stored inside in turn. Either of these actions will alter the arrangement of the spirograph.

Certain configurations (usually overly complex in nature) will have some cards be more accessible than others. If the center card is removed, they will determine which specific card is to be slotted in its place. Same deal if a card is added to the center slot, instead. If a card is removed from a position that ISN'T the center, the configuration will change, but the center card will not.

Simpler alterations allow sets of cards to be moved around without changing the configuration of the graph, such as switching between certain ring levels.

Removing any of the accessible cards or adding an extra one will change the number of spirograph points accordingly. It shifts depending on how many cards are in the deck.