SESTRO: ∞you have worked with us since i was young, rodere.
SESTRO: ∞are you saying there is absolutely nothing more that can be done with him?
RODERE: -sestro-i-facilitated-the-commission-of-you-and-your-binding--x
SESTRO: ∞please, i beg of you, don’t go out of your way to be a smartass right now.
SESTRO: ∞i don’t think i can take it.
RODERE: -then-no-there-isn’t-anything-more-we-can-do--x
RODERE: -his-body-is-resisting-the-life-support-almost-as-if-his-cells-crave-death--x
RODERE: -his soul is weak--x
RODERE: -you-need-to-go-see-him-and-begin-preparing-yourself-for-the-worst--x
RODERE: -there-is-no-way-the-executive-survives-the-night--x