VILCUS: 〈« ahhh, was wonderin' where ya skedaddled off to, kiddo! »〉
VILCUS: 〈« the locker room may as well be a secret hideaway from all th' hype, i reckon. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« used to come here myself every now 'n again back in the day. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« you sure gave that last one the ass whoopin' to end all ass whoopings back there, though! »〉
VILCUS: 〈« fought like a warrior 'gainst the lot! i was all like HOOO-EY, LOOK AT HER GO GO GO, YEAH GO TAZSIA!!! »〉
TAZ: ~...~
TAZ: ~don'+ call me +ha+.~
VILCUS: 〈« shit, uh. my apologies. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« what do you want me to call you when you're outta all that madness, then? »〉
TAZ: ~no+hing.~
TAZ: ~leave me alone.~
TAZ: ~i'm +ired.~
VILCUS: 〈« yeah, that's about where i thought you'd be at. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« guess it was a little presumptuous of me to bust on through, hollering at you like nobody's business, but... »〉
VILCUS: 〈« didn't really know what you'd be looking for in these sorta talks. »〉
TAZ: ~...~
TAZ: ~wha+ do you wan+.~