VILCUS: 〈« i don't want nothing. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« went looking for ya 'cause of what happened in that final round. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« you were screaming up a real fierce storm back there by the end. i wanted t'say somethin' to ya 'cuz it didn't feel right to... »〉
VILCUS: 〈« just. i dunno. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« i've been around the stadium a time or two, heard all kinds of stories from behind the scenes. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« even caught that tale of yours too, the special kinda situation your ancestor put you in. big fuckin' deal, she was. basically popularized the whole creed's brand as it is today. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« but y'know. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« i wanna hear some thoughts an' feelings straight from your mouth. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« 'cuz somethin' tells me that you don't have too many people that letcha have that. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« but first, i think i'm gonna need a name. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« selfishly assuming this is somethin' that you'd actually like to do, 'course. »〉
TAZ: ~...~
VILCUS: 〈« you can relax, squirt. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« i'm not gonna hurt you. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« i won't tell anybody whatcha say, cross my blood pusher. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« only wanna talk. »〉
TAZ: ~i'm jus+ +az.~
TAZ: ~+ha+'s wha+ my friends call me.~
VILCUS: 〈« oh, you got friends out there? »〉
VILCUS: 〈« i know our folks kept you set up with a place and got you a lusus but i've never heard tell of any friends. »〉
TAZ: ~...a few of +hem.~
TAZ: ~pozzol doesn'+ like i+ when i go back ou+ +o see +hem.~
TAZ: ~+ha+'s why he's been keeping me here.~
VILCUS: 〈« did something happen? »〉
TAZ: ~...~
VILCUS: 〈« didn't mean to hit on a sore spot. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« you don't have to tell me everything. »〉
TAZ: ~...~
TAZ: ~why aren'+ you afraid of me like +he o+hers?~
TAZ: ~don'+ my eyes scare you?~
VILCUS: 〈« nah, not really. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« they don't work if whoever you're trynna hit is on the same level as you, if you know what i mean. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« don't work on those you're close with either, even as a joke. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« i've tried before! didn't pan out the way i'd hoped, heh. »〉
TAZ: ~...~
TAZ: ~i'm sick of hur+ing o+her people.~
TAZ: ~i ha+e +he way +he crowd cheers for me.~
TAZ: ~and +he way you +ry +o make +hem like me.~
TAZ: ~nobody who knows wha+ i do should like me.~
VILCUS: 〈« don't your friends like you? »〉
TAZ: ~+hey don'+ know.~
TAZ: ~i won'+ le+ +hem know.~
VILCUS: 〈« yeah. that tracks. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« really wish i could say anythin' to make what you gotta do suck a little less, taz. »〉
TAZ: ~well, you can'+.~
TAZ: ~so don'+ +ry.~
VILCUS: 〈« i'm not gonna, because i'm not a big fan of lying. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« hurts people just as bad as a fist can. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« in some cases, though... i guess it's really just unavoidable. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« i know what that's like. »〉
TAZ: ~do you?~
VILCUS: 〈« i got my fair share of secrets. don't think some of the mirthies around here would like 'em very much. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« my opinions don't exactly align with the standard preaching goin' on these days. not anymore. »〉
TAZ: ~+hen why are you here?~
VILCUS: 〈« well, i dunno what kinda borked up history they fed you on our culture 'round here, 'cuz we got a habit of changing things around to suit our needs. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« but i'm what some might call a purist. »〉
TAZ: ~wha+ does +ha+ mean?~
VILCUS: 〈« means i still follow the old ways. and not like these folks who carve their symbols into their skin think they do, either. »〉