VILCUS: 〈« you shouldn't have to be doin' this for me. »〉
TAZ: ~qui+ blabbering so much, you're going +o make me hi+ some+hing impor+an+.~
VILCUS: 〈« taz... »〉
TAZ: ~i said shu+ up.~
VILCUS: 〈« and i told you that what you're trynna do here is a lost cause. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« this doesn't help either of us in the long run, squirt. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« you gotta know when to throw it in. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« otherwise you're just goin' to get hurt some more. »〉
TAZ: ~yeah, and all of +ha+ doesn'+ sound like you.~
TAZ: ~so s+op pre+ending like you mean any of i+.~