TAZ: ~you're going +o have +o go ou+ +hrough was+e disposal. i'll cover you up and give you +his so you cu+ your way ou+ of +he confines.~
TAZ: ~no doub+ +ha+ pozzol has his cronies and various s+rongarms all over +he place, so we can'+ +ake +he back ways we've been using ou+ of +he s+adium.~
TAZ: ~word spreads fas+ as shi+ already, everybody knows.~
TAZ: ~+here's a corridor off +o +he side of +he disposal bay +ha+ leads +o a con+rol room nobody goes in+o unless +he garbage sys+em is bus+ed.~
TAZ: ~+he incinera+or doesn'+ come on +his +ime of nigh+, so you're no+ going +o have +o worry abou+ +ha+. we're ac+ing fas+. ~
TAZ: ~i+'ll smell as bad as i+ looks, bu+ i +hink we're used +o +ha+ by now.~
VILCUS: 〈« how in the fresh hell do you know all this? »〉
TAZ: ~i found every escape rou+e i could ge+ my fil+hy hands on when i was younger.~
VILCUS: 〈« why didn't you ever use any of 'em if you're so sure it's gonna work? »〉
TAZ: ~i did.~
TAZ: ~i jus+ go+ +ired of +rying when i knew i would ge+ caugh+.~
TAZ: ~even my hive isn'+ safe.~
TAZ: ~i+'ll work for you +hough.~
VILCUS: 〈« but... »〉
VILCUS: 〈« what if it worked for you now? »〉
VILCUS: 〈« come with me, taz. if i'm gonna do this, then i'm takin' you too. »〉
TAZ: ~we bo+h know i+'s no+ +ha+ simple.~
TAZ: ~+his is... some+hing +ha+ you can do, bu+ i can'+.~
TAZ: ~and i'm no+ risking giving you some+hing else +o regre+.~
VILCUS: 〈« that's just it though, i already regret it. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« i regret that i'm lettin' you get fucked over in my stead. »〉
TAZ: ~you already go+ fucked over.~
TAZ: ~and i'm ge++ing hur+ ei+her way.~
TAZ: ~+he leas+ you could do is le+ me ge+ hur+ knowing +ha+ you made i+ ou+ alive.~
TAZ: ~le+ me do one good +hing, vilcus.~