VILCUS: 〈« i don't get it. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« what exactly is your plan here? »〉
TAZ: ~i'm going +o ge+ you ou+ of here by faking your dea+h for +he o+hers.~
TAZ: ~+hey don'+ know abou+ wha+'s going on wi+h me specifically. i +hink pozzol didn'+ +ell +hem +o keep some kind of warped fucking in+egri+y +o my name.~
TAZ: ~and af+er +ha+, i'm going +o be up fron+ wi+h him because i know he's no+ going +o buy i+.~
TAZ: ~why do you +hink i need your blood on me? i+'s no+ jus+ for show.~
VILCUS: 〈« you're shittin' me. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« what good does that do you? »〉
TAZ: ~probably none.~
TAZ: ~bu+ i+ ge+s you ou+ of here.~
TAZ: ~he won'+ ac+ually kill me, you know. he subsis+s on +he idea of me.~
TAZ: ~on +he +hough+ of +ha+ grand legacy she lef+ behind.~
TAZ: ~and wha+ i'm doing here will ge+ him +alking, a+ +he very leas+.~
TAZ: ~i'll jus+ go from +here.~
VILCUS: 〈« and then what? »〉
VILCUS: 〈« be forced to participate in more matches? let him grind the rest of your sense of self into dust? »〉
TAZ: ~if +ha+'s wha+ needs +o happen.~
VILCUS: 〈« ...i still don't get it. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« i let you down, kid. both of you. should've done more, sooner. been better. »〉
VILCUS: 〈« why are you so willin' to fight for me? »〉