EDOLON: i—i'm just not sure.
EDOLON: i'm not sure that i want to.
EDOLON: all this time, i've been making every attempt to come to terms with the idea...
EDOLON: but i don't think i'll ever be ready to fully accept losing you like this.
EDOLON: i don't know. it doesn’t feel like a choice.
EDOLON: i've been trying to set those feelings aside for both our sakes, but that's proving to be incredibly difficult.
EDOLON: even more than i anticipated...
EDOLON: and now that the ritual is just around the corner, i feel more reluctant than ever.
SEINRU: That's to be expected of you.
SEINRU: It's a lot of fast approaching responsibility for a single person to bear.
SEINRU: First, you need to relax—
EDOLON: i can't do that. not like this.
SEINRU: Edolon...
EDOLON: are you absolutely certain this is the only way?
EDOLON: is there no better alternative than your death?
EDOLON: are you sure you're not making a mistake, entrusting me with everything after you're gone?
SEINRU: What reason would I ever have not to trust you?
EDOLON: i'm just not convinced i have what it takes.
EDOLON: i'm not like you.
EDOLON: i'm still afraid. i'll still feel the pain, even when you don't.
EDOLON: what if i can't do any of it?
EDOLON: then all i'll have accomplished is adding more misery to my life.
SEINRU: That's not going to happen.
EDOLON: and this is not a role i was meant to play.