SEINRU: Dolo... my heart and soul, look here.
SEINRU: I know how difficult this is going to be for you.
SEINRU: It's been so difficult for you already.
SEINRU: And I'm so sorry for all the pain I'm asking of you.
SEINRU: I don't enjoy placing it on your shoulders in the slightest.
SEINRU: If there were any other options, of course we'd take those instead. No questions asked.
SEINRU: But there aren't, and this has to be done. You know that just as well as I do.
SEINRU: Otherwise, everything we've accomplished together, all that we've worked so hard for up until this very moment...
SEINRU: All that pain would be rendered meaningless.
SEINRU: All your effort, wasted.
SEINRU: You don't want that, do you?
EDOLON: no, of course not.
EDOLON: and i wouldn't ever wish to disappoint you, either.
EDOLON: but there's still a part of me that feels like i can't do it on my own.
EDOLON: i need you, sen.
SEINRU: Hmm...
SEINRU: Haven't you had need of me for long enough, at this point?
SEINRU: You're not as powerless as you were before. And you'll certainly be even less so, once you realize all of that wonderful potential you have tucked away.
SEINRU: You're capable of achieving great things on your own, despite how you've been made to feel in the past.
SEINRU: I want you to be the one to grow from this.
SEINRU: I want you to be rewarded for everything you've been forced through in your life.
SEINRU: You've come so far, Dolo.
SEINRU: And you've helped me tremendously in our time together, don't you forget that.
SEINRU: I only want to help you see in yourself what everyone else couldn't.
SEINRU: I just knew you'd do great things the very moment I met you, you know.
SEINRU: All of this is for you.
SEINRU: So please, don't reject this gift. Don't let me down, now of all times.
EDOLON: i...
EDOLON: i won't.
EDOLON: i love you.
SEINRU: I know you do.
SEINRU: I promise you'll be okay.
SEINRU: I've taught you everything you’ll need from this point on.
SEINRU: Besides...