ORICKA: woah woah WOAH!
ORICKA: slow down for a second ronny
ORICKA: youre forgoing the operation codename that we picked??
ORICKA: thats not like you at all
ORICKA: youre kinda giving me chills :cold_sweat:
NECRON: †† Desperate times call for desperate measures, sweet thing. ††
ORICKA: story of my life lmao!!
ORICKA: you make it out of there in one piece??
NECRON: † Not if you count my poor dignity after I had to act like a yutz for a couple hours. †
NECRON: † Almost got spotted a couple times, but I made due. Couldn't risk makin' any major plays no matter how much I was dyin' to do so, lest I blow my cover. †
NECRON: † I'm hightailin' it back to ol' reliable as we speak. †
ORICKA: well if youre gonna be running anyways then RUN me through what you saw in there :memo:
ORICKA: do they still have the book??
NECRON: ††† Of course they still have the fuckin' book, their operation depends on it. †††
NECRON: †† They're really goin' outta their way to make good on their promise. ††
NECRON: † Guess rootin' through all those other cults was bound to be bunk no matter what. Can't tie loose ends that ain't there. †
NECRON: † Naught-father worshipping only gets you so far, and these folk have long since crossed that threshold. There's more to it than JUST devotion to the cause. †
NECRON: † No description I can give that'll really make the sheer amount of concentrated fuckery more palatable. †
NECRON: † It's unrecognizable from that posh, lavish highblood research facility it used to be. †
NECRON: † They're rallying their forces and buildin' an army through whatever rifts they opened with that ritual sacrifice. †
NECRON: † Some real nasty critters from that abyss of theirs, who knows how many purplebloods and soul-eaten happy saps in the reserves... †
NECRON: †† 'S a goddamn shitshow. ††
NECRON: †† Speakin' of sacrifices, I got me a front row seat to one of those while I was there! ††
NECRON: † Grody business. Threw a compecado right into one of their rifts — y'know, those beasties they like to "recruit" their regular members with. †
NECRON: † Thing got zapped to bits. Legend says they spawn from the abyss itself, but... †
NECRON: †† Something seemed off about this one. Like it was different from the others. ††
NECRON: † Can't put my finger on why, though. †
NECRON: † Whatever it was, it did something alchemic to that second-rate grueler of Al's. They must've had it in the works long before we knew the score. †
MSHIRI: .come in
MSHIRI: ..panacea reporting from the side
MSHIRI: ...requesting access to the line
NECRON: †† Hold the phone! ††
ORICKA: i am!!
NECRON: † Mixed up my turn of phrase, I meant literally hold the phone up to our gal in gold! †
NECRON: † This is Mshiri Libeta coming in live, right? †
MSHIRI: .it couldnt be anyone but
MSHIRI: ..i have to say it is good to be near familiar friends in moments like these
NECRON: † No doubt! Glad to have you shacked up proper with us small timers again. †
NECRON: † Didn't think the "soon" I mentioned a few nights back would end up being THIS soon, but I sure ain't complainin' about havin' you around. †
MSHIRI: .one could have asked for better circumstances
MSHIRI: ..i doubt well find much more time to catch up
MSHIRI: ...all three of us have work to do