NECRON: † Got anythin' more for me while I'm over this way? Last call for extra digging, 'cuz I'm not gonna miss this joint. †
NECRON: † I appreciate that you let me take the scenic route through our extinct fuchsia overlords' utopia, though it sure as hell ain't that anymore. †
NECRON: † And I doubly appreciate you and our resident hackerman toiling to give me some direct access with that YVES footage y'all scrounged up, but I think the intel we got says enough about our priorities. †
NECRON: †† Excuse my tongue for still bein' a tad bitter about the ordeal, ma'am. ††
MSHIRI: .i cant imagine any other taste
MSHIRI: ..when the world is aflame everything sweet alights and turns to ash
MSHIRI: ...youre doing the best i could imagine anyone doing
MSHIRI: ....both of you
ORICKA: aw shiri... :crying:
MSHIRI: .me and crytum did find something more in the harbinger hideout footage
MSHIRI: ..they had the entire case registry from the last time corporate was in a stir about lime blood
MSHIRI: ...every trollodex file secily pulled for the original investigation
MSHIRI: ....plus records on sestro and hamifi both
ORICKA: of course theyre trying to take aim at the hotshots
ORICKA: ugh getting to the heir and chain in chief with the planet in this condition is going to be a bonafide nightmare regardless of whos doing it
ORICKA: i bet weirdo man hemo man and the funky bunch probably want to send them a message somehow :grimacing:
MSHIRI: .they have one they can give
MSHIRI: ..everyone on that list is especially in danger due to their connection with the case
MSHIRI: ...and the rest of them are still in stronghold 21
NECRON: † Yeah, last I checked there's like, twelve or so we gotta commandeer in there alone. †
NECRON: † You made it out though, yeah? †
MSHIRI: .yes
MSHIRI: ..radios got jammed inside the walls soon after
MSHIRI: ...whatever the hell just happened outside
NECRON: † That explains all those frequencies blaring polka, at least... †
MSHIRI: .quite
MSHIRI: ..we all made it to eidolic acres since you left
NECRON: † Corn kids were really good with all this, huh? †
NECRON: †† How are the others holding up? ††