MSHIRI: .their nominal leader husske mayzee was very receptive to the idea
MSHIRI: ..i still dont think i would say the rest are ecstatic but theyre as understanding as can be expected
MSHIRI: ...youve done good work in getting the outsiders here
NECRON: † We were able to get 'em all except for one. †
ORICKA: yeah that doctor coliad guy swooced right out
ORICKA: whatever it was it was recent but his hive was totalled!!
ORICKA: there was some sort of portal i tried to enter through but alas that bitch said i was physically incapable :omega_pensive:
MSHIRI: .its imperative that we find the rest and that we keep them safe
MSHIRI: ..we can direct evacuees from here too
MSHIRI: ...this is the most easily defendable location outside of the center of this maelstrom
NECRON: † But someone's still gotta go in and get the rest of our contacts out. †
NECRON: † I mean, you heard her.  †
NECRON: † Our best shouts are in danger! †
MSHIRI: .and also bytcon
NECRON: † And also Bytcon! †
MSHIRI: .i know youre quite cavalier necron
MSHIRI: ..but i wouldnt go it alone this time
NECRON: † Never planned on it to begin with. †
NECRON: † There's no way my lady and I can handle them all by ourselves. †
NECRON: † With my other lady on my good hand though? We got this. †
ORICKA: so im the quote unquote other lady in this instance ronny??
NECRON: † Sorry, doll, she's gotta get top billing at least once. †
ORICKA: thats fair i do such good work
ORICKA: at any rate i cant imagine its going to be an easy sell
ORICKA: even if we *can* get everyone out :slight_frown:
ORICKA: but nobodys going alone!
ORICKA: youre definitely not going in there and mixing it up without me honey! :kissing_heart:
NECRON: † Normally, I'd put on the chutzpah and say, "aw shucks, it's no biggie, I've got this." †
NECRON: † But, well. †
NECRON: † We're in this together now. †
NECRON: † All of us. †
NECRON: †† We ain't got a real choice. ††
MSHIRI: .alright
MSHIRI: ..once we get the last of the old suspects we will need to interrogate them again here
MSHIRI: ...see if they have learned anything since their last interviews
MSHIRI: ....and put together a complete picture of what we are dealing with
MSHIRI: .....its our best hope at finding a way to end this for good
ORICKA: our specialty :poggers:
ORICKA: i can easily maximum overdrive myself to 21 and meet you there boo
ORICKA: by which i mean we are both going to have a while to go even at full speed since were both out in the middle of nowhere
ORICKA: still omw!!!
NECRON: † Y'know, the folks uptop ain't gonna be happy about you leaving giant metal footprints all over their shiny carbon tiles. †
ORICKA: well i wasnt going to ask them about their opinion! :corporate_resigned:
MSHIRI: .necron ill send you the coordinates of the barn
MSHIRI: ..and the access codes for headquarters in case you two need to get in
MSHIRI: ...best of luck
MSHIRI: ....may every blessing be with you
MSHIRI: .....i expect to see you both again
ORICKA: i mean obviously same!! but...
NECRON: † Don't you want a piece of the action yourself? †
MSHIRI: .someone has to hold the rallying point
MSHIRI: ..keep the action from taking a piece of us
MSHIRI: ...so to speak
MSHIRI: ....get anyone you can to the farm as soon as possible
MSHIRI: .....ill help husske and the others take care here
NECRON: † If you're sure. †
NECRON: †† Then let's boogie, party people. ††
NECRON: ††† Over and out! †††