UK: >([na# man tb# t#eres no later in t#is equation]
UK: >([youre tryin to solve my word riddles again]
UK: >([but t#eres no possible outcome cept t#e same fuckin end variable i tried to start wit#]
UK: >([word form d-i-e]
GD: You're so dr/\m/\tic///
GD: Not dying is ex/\ctly why I don't w/\nt to go out, in c/\se you h/\dn't noticed///
GD: Wh/\t else could possibly be h/\ppening right now th/\t is so ins/\nely c/\t/\strophic?///
UK: >([well t#en lemme speak in a language t#at u mite understand a lil clearer t#an normal]
UK: >([keep my verbage more or less squeaky]
UK: >([you remember t#e story i let u in on bout t#e boner man]
GD: Ye/\h?///
UK: >([#ow well do u remember it]
GD: Considering /\ll the shit th/\t you insist on spewing out of your hole, prob/\bly only in the \//\guest terms///
UK: >([gdi]
UK: >([#ow many times am i gonna need to re-explain my life story tonite]