Dismas: Answer UK.

-- unclaspedKahuna [UK] began trolling gigantisDebilitation [GD] --

UK: >([ok okay aig#t alrig#t mr t#ree scar general over t#ere]
UK: >([lemme just go ‘#ead an give you t#e word of t#e moment so we can keep t#ings nice and clear wit#out goin sack deep into t#e extraneous pissy s#itty]
UK: >([we got a film to s#oot an t#is is important because its going to be a generational winner]
UK: >([wort#y of a planetary crater to call its own]
UK: >([w#ic# i kno itll be lucky enoug# to be gettin momentarily]
UK: >([so t#ats w#y once again youre gonna needs to be puttin t#e bandito out of t#e wild wild west end of your ass and into your #ead]
UK: >([cuz t#is is t#e last time we’re gonna be able to really s#oot on location and i want t#ese moves to be rancid nasty]
UK: >([even went outta t#e way to lure out a costar for u]
UK: >([in order to make sure i get served up some primal failure to furt#er ruin]
UK: >([an you know ur t#e official candidate for my 12/12 6/6 1/1 editary gilded statue award bait]
GD: No, I’m not going outside///
GD: Your l/\me pseudo-critic/\l shooting session c/\n w/\it /\ little while///
GD: I h/\d to lock the shitliz/\rd out not too long /\go, /\nd you c/\n prob/\bly guess the kind of /\ttitude he w/\s sporting /\fter th/\t///
GD: It w/\s the “pretty fucking li\/id” kind///
GD: I c/\n still he/\r him scr/\tching /\round /\nd trying to m/\ke /\ scene e\/ery once in /\ while, so I’m not interested in getting in his w/\y /\nytime soon///
GD: St/\ying put is f/\r more compelling from where I’m st/\nding, which is inside my hi\/e /\nd will rem/\in th/\t w/\y for the foresee/\ble future///
GD: So, ple/\se///
GD: Kindly fuck off /\nd /\sk me /\g/\in l/\ter///