[I2S1] ======>

DESPOTIC DEIMOS, THE MAGE OF MIND says that trying to get to the bottom of this mystery is as pointless as trying to swim out of the bottom of a lake with cement shoes. Shezmu insists that they carry out the ruthless interrogation of these Deimos knock-offs regardless. HYPERBOLIC BEHEMOTH, THE HEIR OF HEART concurs that they should split, while cracking his knuckles so hard the resulting reverb could bust through solid rock. He remarks that there's no point in setting themselves up for further failure, best to find a way out of this dump. Shezmu states that it's the principle of the matter and he won't have his gang disrespected like this. Besides, they took out eight other players with ease in their session. They can sniff out a single lackluster, puny pawn.

CRYPTHEAD DIONYSUS, THE PAGE OF DOOM asks once again if he can open the BARBIE HORSE ADVENTURES box that he found. They all tell him no in unison. Now's not the time to unleash unspeakable evils, we've been over this before.

Dionysus looks just the tiniest bit disgruntled at this continued rejection. Phooey, he grumbles under his breath while kicking at the floor.