[I2S1] ======>

Deimos starts to sift through the various actions he would take in a similar situation. Assuming that Dealer is following the hotel's logic to the best of his ability and has long since prepared for the encounter (which he knows he would), he must be using an artifact from this place. These dummies aren't even moving, so maybe the artifact in question is something akin to a GIZMO CHIA PET that can create and copy LIFE-LIKE TOPIARIES of an object or person of your choosing. But he's pretty sure it's that specifically. Also, there's still blood tracks on the floor showing where the real deal(er) skulked off to.

Given the facts, they've probably stumbled right into an overly silly diversion.

This is the perfect moment for your mastery of hitting random buttons to come into play. You just love the inherent dramatic tension of the set-up, it's like it's been handed to you on a silver platter. Like a thread that's been pulled taut and is ready to snap. Like the best Broadway romances. They are always so full of sudden twists and turns with off-the-wall resolutions. Not that unlike what you're doing here.

But enough of your introspective tendencies. You have an ASS to SAVE.