[I2S1] In all probabilities, there are constants.

Certain facets of a given concept that persist. Every rose has its thorns, every traveler has their roads, every Sharper has his crew. And that's just it! You and your cronies, my man, are one of the very constants I'm talking about. Not the only ones by any means, but I'd wager you're not exactly variety hour material. (I'd win, by the way.)

You Shufflers are consistent, I'll give you that. But consistency does get sort of stale after a certain point, hm? Wherever you go, there's a concerning lack of variables! A fact that translates to every other version of you I can think of. No matter how quaint, depraved, or utterly nonsensical it all gets... you never change along with it — not past a surface level. You have to brute force yourself into standing out from the rabble because you simply don't stack up against the competition.

You guys are professional static characters of the highest caliber, serving a singular purpose: to cause problems and die in the process.