But I suppose nothing has ever stopped these influences before, either.

Regrettably, we are now at an impasse of visage. While I once thought I offered you an impartial influx of information, any remaining glints of objectivity seem out of my reach. I cannot offer much beyond what I believe to be the truth, pieced together from what I've personally seen and experienced through the eyes of the world. The playing field has been leveled, and all forces stand on equal ground.

Except for you.

You hear from me. My insight guides you, but my voice has never been the only one you've followed. You can see things I can't, be things that I cannot fathom. By the end, you will have a complete story, and I will be left only with my own version of its events — though that will not come until much later.

Our originally scheduled program for this section was meant to continue from one such integral tangent. You may very well remember it. After all, you and I were both present. But even if it has not been very long since that particular chapter came to a close, it may be prudent to RECALL what we know of its events.