My offered summary follows.

A lone, deadly piece bred from the cold checkered board that is Corporate's highest internal affairs division stands at the edge of a precipice.

Several blinks ago, Chief Regulator Secily Iopara was given an executive order to recover a philter of stolen — and supposedly mythical — blood. Blood from The Vivifier, Zekura Raines, revered figure of legend. The case was a Priority Aleph: a matter of life and death.

Expecting an affair of leaked intel and apprehended goods, Secily was instead dragged into the raging eye of an unseen storm. The case, though she knew it not at the time, would severely change the course of Repiton's future in the struggle ahead.

The two trolls Secily was sworn to protect from birth, Corporate Heir Sestro Enthal and his advisor, Hamifi Hekrix, gave her a list of potential suspects. Relentless in the pursuit of the objective, loyal to the Corporate institution and solitary to a fault, she took to it with immediate zeal and an unflinching focus. Surprising, then, that the greatest, most critical impact she'd have on the world would come from the connections she made throughout her journey and the people she had known for sweeps.

Mshiri Libeta
, Yeshin Laevis, Occeus Coliad, Oricka Rourst, and many others — all connected through a single turquoise string tethered to a corroded green pole.

For most of her investigation, she worked to pursue a mysterious figure known only as "Noxious", an oliveblooded troll with a fixation on purity. He made his involvement with the stolen vial clear from the start, leading Secily and her allies to connections they could not have made otherwise. Past a certain point, the philter itself became less important than the people it was given to — and what their sinister plans for it might have been.

Secily eventually arrived at an incriminating alliance between two cults: the HARBINGERS OF THE ALPOCALYPSE and the MIRTHAMANIACS, having learned of the blood's existence through a CERTAIN UNIQUE BOOK, were the ones truly behind the theft.

Teaming up with Necron Exmort, a bounty hunter intent on the slaughter of evildoers, the race was then on to learn the true identity of Noxious and apprehend him, hopefully putting an end to the cults' plans in the process.

It pains me to say that this particular segment does not have a happy ending.

Mere days before our story began, the blood was spilled. An abyss was created — the first of many. The cults now seek further power, planning to press the advantage obtained from these new resources... and though the people involved in Operation Snowbound Blood may have had their string cut, some ends are still loose.

Where the rest of their stories will go is for them to decide.

All we can do is watch.