[I2S2] ======>

EXECUTIVE: ☊ Can I expect this conversation to play out without further accosting, or should I brace myself?
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Truthfully, I've had more than enough of being jostled around for one night.
FORGIVEN: O-| we had to ensure it was actually you. |->
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Through force?
FORGIVEN: O-| normally there's help, but they saw it fit to search for their dinner instead of standing guard. |->
VIVIFIER: WΣ'rΣ nomadic.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ And why is that?
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Let's not pretend that your markings are foreign to me.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ My early sweeps were nothing but the retaining of your story.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ If I am a transistor, then the two of you were conduits.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Without you, the society I instated would have never been built to begin with.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ And the fact that you both still wander this new world hounded by misgivings that stem from skewed public knowledge gives me pause.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Do you seek more legitimate refuge?
VIVIFIER: Although thΣ offΣr is apprΣciatΣd.
VIVIFIER: But if you do indΣΣd know of our storiΣs, thΣn you arΣ awarΣ of thΣ cost our introduction bΣgΣts.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ ...I don't understand.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ What other purpose could I serve you?