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VIVIFIER: Your purposΣ is alrΣady on its way to bΣing fulfillΣd.
VIVIFIER: What mattΣrs morΣ is that it's sΣΣn through.
VIVIFIER: Not unlikΣ your most ΣxpΣriΣncΣd disciplΣs of TimΣ, wΣ too havΣ sΣΣn glimpsΣs of thΣ roads whΣrΣ unwrittΣn futurΣs trΣad.
VIVIFIER: Our bygonΣ plight, during what you now know as ThΣ RΣnaissancΣ, was prΣdicatΣd on onΣ such vision.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ You mean your helm of worship with The Exemplar?
VIVIFIER: Ah, your knowlΣdgΣ ΣxtΣnds that far¿¿
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Enthals have always been the inheritors of the past. We have a gift for its evocation.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ The memories of my ancestors before me may have fallen, but with the aid of my emanant aspect, I can ensure that what they left behind will never be lost.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ All of them followed your word — of the all-mother, of the power within our souls.
VIVIFIER: And so, you alrΣady know this: as wΣ arΣ progΣny of HΣr crΣation, all souls havΣ a lΣaning toward onΣ of HΣr aspΣcts lockΣd within thΣm.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ The root basis of modern alchemy.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Far and away from the mystic pursuits of yore that you cultivated to make way for it.
VIVIFIER: But what wΣ can pΣrform as individuals is limitΣd.
VIVIFIER: ΣvΣn for mysΣlf.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Is it true that your blood is what allows you to sustain the powers of Life?
EXECUTIVE: ☊ There has never been a successful Life alchemist in history, other than you. Not even now.
VIVIFIER: CΣrtain facΣts of HΣr powΣr arΣ far too grΣat to bΣ hΣld by thΣ mortal.
VIVIFIER: SurΣly, you havΣ witnΣssΣd what happΣns whΣn onΣ allows thΣir aspΣct to consumΣ thΣm¿¿
VIVIFIER: HowΣvΣr, souls morΣ powΣrful than ours Σxist.
VIVIFIER: Or rathΣr, thΣy arΣ bound to.
VIVIFIER: TwΣlvΣ, onΣ for Σach of HΣr gifts, will comΣ into bΣing.
VIVIFIER: TΣn of thΣm havΣ rΣadily availablΣ mΣthods of... "rΣduplication", was it thΣ tΣrm you chosΣ¿¿
VIVIFIER: And two do not.
VIVIFIER: Our dΣscΣndants.
VIVIFIER: HoldΣrs of LifΣ and BrΣath.
VIVIFIER: Σach of thΣsΣ souls who arΣ to inhΣrit HΣr worth will also havΣ to fight for HΣr rΣsurgΣncΣ.
VIVIFIER: WΣ must fight for HΣr as wΣll.
VIVIFIER: LΣst wΣ all risk oblivion in thΣ naught-fathΣr's grip.
VIVIFIER: You alrΣady fight. LΣadΣrship mΣans thΣ dull achΣ of rΣsponsibility is a familiar wΣight on your shouldΣrs.
VIVIFIER: Turning to anyonΣ othΣr than thΣ pΣrson who alrΣady undΣrstands what it mΣans for this world to facΣ ruin is a fool's variablΣ.
VIVIFIER: Our only option is to trust in thΣ alrΣady ΣntrustΣd.