[I2S2] ======>

EXECUTIVE: ☊ I mean no offense to your rationale, but how does that alone make me a confidant?
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Does this imply that in your vision of the future, the Compact is a success? Is the world restored and balanced between equals, then?
FORGIVEN: O-| don't ask questions we have no answers for. |->
EXECUTIVE: ☊ I don't see how I'm supposed to assume anything else.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ What use could I serve if this leads to failure?
FORGIVEN: O-| i wouldn't want you clinging to the notion of assured success when there's no promise of it. |->
FORGIVEN: O-| our past was built on the idea of surety. |->
FORGIVEN: O-| clear-cut thoughts of blacks and whites, of victory and defeat among the fortunate and the displaced many. |->
FORGIVEN: O-| that's the reason utopia fell. |->
FORGIVEN: O-| why wars were waged. |->
FORGIVEN: O-| it's also how we all lose. |->
EXECUTIVE: ☊ I suppose you would know best. You freed many of those caught in such trappings.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ But you were also given a second chance, after...
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Suffice it to say, there are no such odds in my favor.
FORGIVEN: O-| i thought that once too. |->
FORGIVEN: O-| and i would not be here if i hadn't been proven wrong. |->
VIVIFIER: Loss is an inΣvitablΣ thing.
VIVIFIER: Its variablΣs liΣ in thΣ "how" and "whΣn".
VIVIFIER: SpΣculation basΣd on unknown factors, guidΣd as thΣy may bΣ, is usΣlΣss. What wΣ can do is rΣly on our actions and thosΣ of who wΣ surround oursΣlvΣs with.
FORGIVEN: O-| the fallout of it all was predicated on a direction that was "supposed" to be taken, but wasn't. |->
FORGIVEN: O-| i wasn't supposed to die. |->
FORGIVEN: O-| i was supposed to live and be cherished as a hero. the world was meant to teem with life, brighter. |->
FORGIVEN: O-| but chains are easily broken. |->
FORGIVEN: O-| so don't let them shackle you like it did to the people who chased us. |->