[I2S2] ======>

RODERE: -its-maddening-that-youre-far-too-indignant-to-even-die-in-bed--x
RODERE: -when-you-finally-relinquish-your-old-soul--x
RODERE: -your-body-is-going-to-wind-up-toppling-through-the-window-and-splattering-on-the-ground--x
EXECUTIVE: ☊ That's what the rigor mortis is for, no?
RODERE: -are-you-not-scared--x
EXECUTIVE: ☊ If anything, I feel I'll soon be petrified.
RODERE: -hilarious-sir--x
EXECUTIVE: ☊ No, Rodere, I'm not scared.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Not even the slightest bit.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ I've fulfilled my duties to the best of my ability. Through compromise, failure and contempt, I've persisted.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ And such persistence makes one willing to reach an end. Welcome it, even. I yearn for mine, now more than ever.
RODERE: -and-how-do-you-think-that-makes-me-feel--x
EXECUTIVE: ☊ By your tone? I'd say I've made better impressions on stalwart conspirators.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Your ancestor used to chide me in a similar fashion.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Even knowing that her soul's full potential would never be within her grasp, she was studious in the Compact's aid, in the riddance of unchecked homunculi.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ As you are in the aid of others.