[I2S2] ======>

EXECUTIVE: ☊ You have faithfully served an embittered old man who detests the world he was forced to make, all the while listening to his inane ramblings.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ I'd like to ask that you never pull from my playbook.
RODERE: -i-dont-think-i-could-do-that-even-if-i-wanted-to--x
EXECUTIVE: ☊ You can do anything you wish.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ And you can get started by leaving.
RODERE: -sir--x
RODERE: -are-you-positive-there-is-absolutely-nothing-else-i-can-do-for-you--x
EXECUTIVE: ☊ You've done more than enough for a lifetime, my friend. More than enough for my lifetime, in fact, which is nearly three times as long as the standard.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Some of my greatest failures and proudest achievements came to be thanks to your aid.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ But soon, there will come a new world, grown from the remaining seeds of the one that withers.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ I fear I'll only taint it.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ You're about to face great hardships; ones that you may never fully comprehend. What just happened in front of us is proof that there are only more to come.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ So, try to make sure that this new world is one you are proud to call yours, won't you?
RODERE: ----x
RODERE: -thank-you-for-giving-me-a-place-with-you-clarud--x
EXECUTIVE: ☊ What place?
EXECUTIVE: ☊ This ward is about to be unoccupied.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Your place is but an elevator trip away.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ See to it that you make it there.