[I2S2] ======>

EXECUTIVE: ☊ What we are going through today is the culmination of several sweeps of action and reaction, of selective truths and willing omission.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Our planet's final bid at salvation.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Tell me. Do either of you know what my "life support" entailed?
HAMIFI: I... We've always assumed it was nothing more than medically intense, cutting edge procedure.∞
EXECUTIVE: ☊ I suppose it would have been a rather poorly concealed secret otherwise.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ If it had been just that, however, surely we would have implemented more than independent practitioners and mixologists on a larger scale, in order to dispense such a boon?
SESTRO: ∞i had my suspicions.
SESTRO: ∞but no conclusion i came to ever really... connected.
SESTRO: ∞i-i thought it was a fluke! a product of medical and alchemic tampering. something hard to replicate.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ And now?
SESTRO: ∞...the lime blood. it has to be that.
SESTRO: ∞the case couldn't have been a coincidence.
SESTRO: ∞and you— he told me about her the last time we spoke!
HAMIFI: Told you about who?∞
SESTRO: ∞this girl, that— that there are these... hypothetical off-record trolls that—
HAMIFI: What?∞
HAMIFI: And you didn't feel it was a wise idea to relay this to me?∞
SESTRO: ∞it wasn't—
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Enough quarrels.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ This is above you.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ I never spoke of the specifics to begin with.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ At the time, I didn't believe it to be a burden either of you should bear.
SESTRO: ∞but if all that's true, then what of the curse that comes with it?
SESTRO: ∞wasn't it said to grant a sort of immortality?
EXECUTIVE: ☊ The curse was a non-factor. It only extends to chosen souls.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Those of us who fall outside of the all-mother's needs can only access a fraction of what it is capable of. Even then, it's nothing but a temporary solution dependent on constant replenishing.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ My body has registered its physical death ages ago. The cells are forced to keep a frantic working pace that they can no longer handle.
HAMIFI: There is absolutely nothing on record that suggests such a— ludicrous claim. The past hour has been inexplicable enough, but anything beyond that is just...∞
HAMIFI: The Vivifier is dead. She has been for many sweeps. She left no descendants. Fantastical claims related to the extent of her power are nothing but myth.∞
SESTRO: ∞the vivifier's blood is the only documented use of successful life extension through alchemy! we have the only known truthful documentations of this history!
SESTRO: ∞i've dedicated so much of my life to studying this, i know i'm right. they were alive at similar times!
HAMIFI: ...∞
HAMIFI: This is absurd.∞
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Miss Hekrix, you have just felt our world shift beneath your feet.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ There are symbols carved from stone, right before your eyes, that have been a part of both your lives since the moment you gained consciousness.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ You are one of the chosen few who know the real, full account of what led to the making of the very conglomerate you are a part of.
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Yet you doubt the idea of mysticism?
HAMIFI: No, sir. What I want to doubt is the idea that you believed these means were justified.∞
HAMIFI: You are telling me that you have kept world changing resources from all of us, for sweeps. Decagrades. ∞
HAMIFI: We could have done so much, just with that one philter. Not to mention anything else you might have utilized for yourself and these...∞
HAMIFI: People of interest.∞
HAMIFI: Do you share our limited assets with them as well?∞
HAMIFI: We could have used the blood to cure the sick! Reverse engineer it, find loopholes to diseases!∞
HAMIFI: We could have restored lost bloodlines with that sort of power, and you opt to play at hoarding it?!∞
HAMIFI: Is this some sort of game to you?!∞
EXECUTIVE: ☊ Yes, but not in the way that you mean.